Posted by Brock Booher

What is fatherhood?

Fatherhood is sleepless nights with a crying baby; it’s sleepless nights with a sick child; it’s sleepless nights waiting up for a teenager; it’s sleepless nights worrying about a grown child that lives far away.

Fatherhood is a lifetime of losing sleep.

Fatherhood is working to pay for hungry mouths; working to pay for new shoes; working to pay for a new baseball glove; working to pay for a new bike; working to pay for family vacations; working to pay for braces; working to pay for an extra car; working to pay for college; working to pay for weddings.

Fatherhood is lifetime of work.

Fatherhood is fixing a bottle for a crying baby in the middle of the night; fixing a baby monitor; fixing a tricycle; fixing a broken window; fixing doorknobs; fixing holes in the wall; fixing dishwashers; fixing garbage disposals; fixing garage door openers; fixing ceiling fans; fixing stereo speakers; fixing TVs; fixing cars.

Fatherhood is lifetime of fixing things.

Fatherhood is teaching a child to walk; teaching a child to talk; teaching a child to sit still; teaching a child when to be quiet; teaching a child to say “please” and “thank you;” teaching a child to brush their teeth; teaching a child to read; teaching a child to pray; teaching a child to catch a ball; teaching a child to do dishes; teaching a child to clean their room; teaching a child to deal with bullies; teaching a child to share; teaching a child to drive; teaching a child to balance a checkbook; teaching a child to live on their own.

Fatherhood is lifetime of teaching.

Fatherhood is listening to the deafening sound of a sleeping baby; listening to toddler’s questions; listening to screaming voices at play; listening to sad tales about owies; listening to complaints about household chores; listening to dreams; listening to loud music; listening to “You don’t understand;” listening to “I can’t wait to get out on my own;” listening for the phone to ring and hoping it will be a call from your son or daughter that has moved away.

Fatherhood is lifetime of listening.

Fatherhood is the loving coo of a newborn; it’s the squeeze around the neck from a five-year old; it’s the happy smile of ten-year old; it’s the high five or knuckle bump form a teenager; it’s the warm embrace of a grown son returning home for a visit; it’s the last hug from a daughter before you give her away on her wedding day; it’s the hugs from grandkids on your lap; it’s the kiss on the cheek and a tear in the eye as your life passes.

Fatherhood is a lifetime of love.

Happy Father's Day!